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  • Crater Lake Vodka

    Crater Lake Vodka

    Crafted with pure Cascade Mountain water, then filtered 10 times through charcoal, crushed lava rock and oak. One of the smoothest vodkas in the world with a soft spring water taste and a finish that hints of vanilla.
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  • Crater Lake Gin

    Crater Lake Gin

    A traditional American-style gin handcrafted with wild, handpicked juniper berries. At 95 proof it is crisp and flavorful with a surprisingly subtle nose.
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  • Crater Lake Pepper Vodka

    Crater Lake Pepper Vodka

    Five different peppers create a balance of flavor and spice. This is the perfect Bloody Mary vodka that has proven to be far more than just another flavored vodka. Equally at home in the kitchen as in the bar.
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  • Crater Lake Hazelnut Espresso Vodka

    Crater Lake Hazelnut Espresso Vodka

    A perfect balance of coffee, hazelnut & vodka with a touch of real cane sugar. Rich, sophisticated, but not too sweet. Mixes wonderfully with coffee, cream and chocolate – both in drinks and desserts.
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  • Crater Lake Sweet Ginger Vodka

    Crater Lake Sweet Ginger Vodka

    Dazzle the senses with a provocative mix of sweet and spicy. Crater Lake Sweet Ginger Vodka starts with a tingle of warmth and finishes with a rich but subtle sweetness. It never overpowers but it isn’t shy either.
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  • Crater Lake Reserve Vodka

    Crater Lake Reserve Vodka

    Crater Lake Vodka has earned some of the world’s top spirits awards, but our Reserve spirits take this dedication to purity to the limit. Filtered over 100 times, the limited release Reserve is an exquisite vodka unmatched in purity and smoothness.
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  • Crater Lake Estate Gin

    Crater Lake Estate Gin

    Crafted from grains and botanicals grown on site at the distillery in Bend, Oregon; Crater Lake Estate Gin is the world’s only estate distilled gin.
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  • Crater Lake Rye

    Crater Lake Rye

    Crafted from 95% rye grain and pure Cascade Mountain water, the character of our rye is rich with deep toffee notes and a peppery spice that defines true American rye whiskey.
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