“Living in the mountains and making great spirits”

That’s just what we have been doing since 1996 when we released Crater Lake Vodka and Gin to the people of Oregon to enjoy. We are America’s most award winning small batch distillery and have ignited the craft cocktail revolution.

The core family of sprits that is available year round, direct from our distillery in Bend, Oregon. Award winning and wonderful these spirits have helped make craft what it is today.

The Reserve Series takes our core products to the next level. Discover these amazing libations made for the spirit enthusiast.

This is where we, as a Distillery get to have a little fun. Ground to the bottle, field to flask, or seed to shaker. However you put it our Estate Series gets all of the ingredients from our 24 acre farm in Bend, Oregon.

For special projects we do seasonal infusions using regionally grown ingredients.

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